My tablet pen is broken, some of you may know and some of you don’t 

I can barely draw with it now, so Im wondering, would you guys mind if I continue updating with doodle on paper?
I know its not much but 

Its not much, but its something, since some of you which I doubt miss me updating this blog, so what you think? Would you want the blog this way, just for now?

  1. toysgunsblazefriday13 answered: lets go back the old schools days
  2. gemstone22 answered: I guess. :b
  3. warpandco answered: im cool with this
  4. ask-king-sombra answered: Go for it!
  5. outlawed-sparkle answered: As long as you feel comfortable doing it, I’m fine with it! Take all the time you need to replace your broken pen!
  6. mylittleponyfriendshipismagicus said: You don’t have to update on paper if you don’t want to, but I do miss your updating
  7. mylittleponyfriendshipismagicus answered: Dude your cool just waiting until you can get a new pen, If I could i would get you a pen just so i could see your lovely drawings! <3
  8. ask-skippythemoonrock answered: For now it’s okay.
  9. ask-safaripony answered: yes
  10. askspotthetinypegasus answered: This looks perfectly fine!
  11. alte-seele answered: Go for the paper! ^ w^
  12. nikingaming answered: YES .O.
  13. ask-doodlepony posted this